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The following are questions frequently askes through our feedback page.
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[+] Is there a limit to the number of PCs on my network that can run 'WorkPlace'?
In theory: no. You can run 'WorkPlace' on as many PCs on your network as the network infrastructure can support. The 'built-in' database that comes with 'WorkFlow' (MS SQLExpress 2008 R2) can be accessed by several douzens PCs simultaniously before there is a noticable decrease in performance. This isalso dependent on the hardware hosting the database. The database can grow very significantly (to 10GB) before you run into the limitations of the built-in database.
For large scale implementations it is recommended that the database resides on a Microsoft SQL Server to assure good performance.

[+] Can 'WorkPlace' run 'Branch-to-Branch', accross a Wide Area Network?
[+] Can 'WorkPlace' be installed in an environment without internet access?
[+] Can I purchase a site-license for WorkPlace

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